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This past week I have worked extremely hard on my CAS project and nailing out all the bumps. I have worked hard and pushed my limits, stepping out of my comfort zone and helped others. Recently I had a rough patch in school and lost focus on almost all classes except CAS because I am incredibly passionate about this project and believe that it has a bright future ahead of itself. I have been helping with the growth and improving it every day. This weekend I called over 100 women to confirm their attendance to a Charla that we hosted at C.E.P.I.A on Monday and Tuesday, I asked them questions and comforted them making sure that they will be attending the day of insertion and planning it out for them. This was a great experience for me because I learned to communicate with everyone, it taught me how to step out of my comfort zone because I was not able to speak in my native language, I built relationships with these women and learned how to connect with them and help them. Not only was this an experience of self-growth but it also helped me as a student realize how good we have it, we are so fortunate to be able to live these lives. As I finished this task, I then had to attend the Charla and answer questions, guide women and actively participate in the discussion. I was initially very nervous about this activity because I did not want to mess up or not seem confident in the subject that I am teaching but I quickly adapted to the environment and was able to use my skills for the best. For me participating in these activities showed me what it is like to work hard and how it pays off. I had to work with many women from our communities and many women I have never met before so that these activities could be successful. Laetitia was the main organizer for all of these activities and kept everyone in contact with one and other. All of these women impacted the activities because they helped us and helped each other. We all had an impact on this activity because we organized it, hosted it and made sure it was the most effective event possible.

The goal of this was to be able to communicate with all the women to make sure that they felt secure with their decisions. We made sure to answer all of their questions and doubts about the IUD itself and the insertion day. We were able to meet our goals becuase we sucesfully acomplished a charla and got our message across to our community. In the end, this week showed me how hard I am going to have to work this next year and how important this project is to our community and people in need. I truly belive that we are capable of making a change that will last a lifetime.

Alexa <3

Created By: Alexa Toman, Costa Rica

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