How is it a part of the community?

As you stated, this youth center will definitely gather younger teenagers together and promote cultural diversity through the interchange of different cultures in the world by meeting new people. This center will not just bring teenagers together for entertainment but it will gather all these different communities that haven’t been brought together which is what our community needs to do in order to move forward.

How is it creating positive change?

This youth center is promoting positivity because once again these teenagers that don’t really have anything to do, can finally meet new people and meeting new people is always a good thing because extending your knowledge in the cultural aspect is extremely crucial especially for teenagers when they are this age.


How is it a part of the community?

This youth center has been created mainly to bring communities together, this youth center might be located in tamarindo, and it might seem like it’s only for the community of Tamarindo, but it’s the heart of where all the communities should be; it’s the location in which teenagers can finally meet new people, entertain themselves through a variety of fun social activities instead of using social media and be anti-social with others. This will definitely implementa nd create a ripple effect for other communities to start getting involved with the idea of gathering different communities because it’s an excellent idea.

How is it creating positive change?

This youth center is definitely a positive outlook and will once again make people take notes upon this idea of having communities join together and accept each other for their own cultures and for who they are. Making new friends, meeting new people and learning from each other is extremely important for the human brain, staying the same and not moving forward in your social life isn’t going to get you anywhere this is why the youth center (T-raza) is setting a good example for other communities, it’s setting a positive outlook for other communities by proving that gathering all the communities within the province is possible and will be effective.


How is it a part of the community?

T-raza is one of kind, it’s an atmosphere in which teenagers can finally get together and enjoy each others presence through social interactions and entertainment. It’s really important that teenagers acknowledge the fact that meeting new people is a very important aspect that should be part of growing up through your teenage years, whether it’s through entertainment, academically or through work. Expanding and growing as an individual socially is an extremely important factor when it comes to the human body especially when through teenage years. T-Raza will definitely show an example to other communities about how important social interactions are and why?

How is it creating positive change?

T-Raza is creating a positive change because it’s not only bringing teenagers together but it’s also promoting health. Health is crucial and is probably the most important factor that is part of the human body; having a balance between academic and social life is important. Only focusing on academics or only focusing on your social life isn’t going to get anyone anywhere; growing and expanding your knowledge whether it’s academically or socially, as long as there is a balance between those two factors then you are in a great place and that’s what’s T-raza is doing, it’s promoting and creating this positive change to the community!

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