A funeral for our friend, Sparkles the hen.

Many things happen at the sanctuary that are unexpected. Recently one of our volunteers discovered a hen Sparkles who had passed in the aviary during her session. We all got together for a small funeral for Sparkles by the garden.   Prayers were offered to honor the life of this being. Gratitude was paid for the opportunity we were able to provide for her to live a life of dignity, and our shared time together.   This was an incredible moment of life lesson on death and the cycle of life for the kids who were there that day. Death is not scary and not to be feared. It is a natural process of life. Death offers renewal and rebirth. What a wonderful moment of social emotional learning that is so hard to get inside of classrooms!

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  1. aeon

    June 19, 2023

    I wish that every kid had access to this kind of introduction and perspective to death. It is so avoided but has some of the most powerful moments and elements of life. Thank you for beautifully sharing this beautiful moment.

  2. Cathy Babcook

    June 20, 2023

    What a kind and gentle way for kids to learn about the cycle of life. Here is an opportunity to feel connection and understanding rather than fear and avoidance. It allows for inquiry on a subject that is often treated as taboo.

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