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Angelina Del Vecchio 

October 18, 2021

CAS activity 


My weekly sport is surfing.


Showing perseverance and commitment:


Are there

ever feelings of doubt or wanting to skip practice?  If so how did I move through them?


Yes, sometimes surfing can be hard especially because the hours of surfing vary. For example, sometimes we may surf at 5 am and other times we may surf at 5 pm it always depends on what hour the waves are the best. When the waves are too early and usually on the weekends it’s hard to get up  because most of the time I prefer sleeping after a long week, but when the waves are in the afternoon its the best because you can go to the beach with all your family and enjoy your time not only surfing but swimming and watching the sunset.


How do I

motivate myself to stay active?  


I am usually excited about going to surf, especially because when you surf it’s always different there are always different people and different settings where you can surf. Although surfing may seem something easy to do, it’s hard. Something that helps stay active is watching others and going to the beach to see other people’s tricks or performances while they are surfing. 


What have I

learned from this activity and how did this learning (ie a change in perception) apply

to me as a person?


This activity has helped me relax when I am stressed. I have also learned how much I enjoy having the opportunity to go to the beach and have such a nice place to do my sports. Also, it has made me become more conscious of environmental issues and be aware of how much we are polluting our beautiful beaches.


Taking on new challenges:

What new challenges have I taken on when doing this activity?


Some challenges that I have taken are being afraid of big waves especially if the waves are taller than 6tf. Also, another challenge is surfing as a woman because usually surfing isn’t as recognized and taken seriously as for men.


How have my perceptions of the sport changed over time?


When I started surfing I thought it was going to be something simple but there is more than just performing your best in the sport. A lot of our performance has to do with how the waves are, and how the wind is facing the ocean. A lot of times the wind can ruin how the waves form and this can affect the way we perform.


How is the

activity meaningful to me?

 Surfing helps me relax and become more conscious of my life at the moment. It helps me meditate and think of how I’m doing during the week or month. I usually go surfing with my father and brother this helps me spend quality time with them.


What is the value of this sport or activity for me?


I believe surfing is one of the most valuable times of my week because I am not only doing a sport and benefiting my health with it but I am also spending a great time with nature and family.


How do I feel when I learn something new in this activity? Describe it. 


When I learn something new in the activity I feel excited and proud of myself. These achievements usually motivate me to keep surfing. 


Strengths and areas for growth:

What are some things that I found out about myself that I didn’t know before?  Do I like these traits?  If so, how will I use them in the future?  If not, can I change them?


Some things I learned about myself are how strong I am and how much I enjoyed spending time at the beach.  Spending time at the beach helps me remember how conscious we should be about pollution. I have become more open-minded in my community and that has helped me become more aware of the problems the world is facing right now.


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