As I previously mentioned, I am babysitting for the Hancock family. They also gave my sister and I the amazing opportunity to travel to atlanta with them for a week. I am beyond grateful to have the great opportunity of visiting Georgia again, I was there earlier this year for the class field trip we did in 11th grade which was for business and art class. This was my first time traveling out of Costa Rica in my life and I have to say this field trip was one of the most life changing experiences of my life; and the fact that I got to visit Atlanta a second time is truly a blessing. My sister and I along with the Hancock family had a great time in Georgia, we were mainly there for a Shawn Mendes concert that their older son wanted to attend, which I am so grateful for being able to attend (it was my first concert by the way), we went to the Georgia Aquarium, we went grocery shopping with my sound irrelevant but I love it and I loved going to target for the second time. We went to different restaurants, and of course we went shopping! I went to sephora (make up store) for the first time with my sister and Ms Kalah, and we had a lot of fun. We also went to legoland and had super fun experience there as well. Overall it was an unforgettable trip, though it wasn’t long we all enjoyed it a lot but I did a little extra. I am super grateful and thankful that the hancock family gave us this opportunity and as soon as we got back ofcourse I got back to work!


— Another activity I did over the summer was working out, Ms Kalah came over to my house and along with my mom we worked out, but it wasn’t for a long period of time since we left to Atlanta, but we are going back at it soon!

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