Activity summer entry – Aug

Over the summer I spent time in northern California where I went to visit my godmother for a few days. While I was there we hiked Mount Diablo with her grandkids and my sister. When I was little my godparents used to take my brother and me there to climb rocks and it was one of my favorite activities so I decided it would be a good activity for my little sister. Some of my mom's favorite photos of us were taken there so we thought it would be fun to recreate some. The day we went it was 98 degrees so we were dying of heat the entire time. Also, my sister and I had a harder time breathing compared to the rest of my family because we were not used to the dry air. My godmother's grandkids are only seven and five years old so they complained, screamed, and ran around all over the place. Some rocks were super steep and hard to climb so we had to work collaboratively to make it to the top. We came up with this strategy to help the kids climb. I climbed up first and then my sister went halfway. From there the younger two kids would climb and we would help them up. my godmother stayed at the bottom to help from there. It took us a long time to figure out the most effective way because the kids would get scared and give up. We decided to make a game out of it to help them climb. It was super fun to remember stories from my childhood and re-experience them with my sister. 

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