April 28 2023

What are your plans for the trimester?


This trimester we have a couple of ideas to keep moving forward with our project some of them being:

  • Start painting the wall 
  • Talk with Gaby for the next steps regarding the money founded with the dance festival 
  • Get involved in the upcoming show this June


With these projects take on new challenges whether they are creative, learning how to work and collaborate with other members of our community and taking new risks to help the people around.  


How are you going to achieve them?


We will talk with our teammates at dance so we can all go one weekend to the studio and work on the wall together. Canela and I will need to organize all the materials and tools to be able to work on it. This is also a good team building activity and will benefit us as a team. Me and Cane want to make this a fun activity. We want to bring food, play music and overall make it a fun environment where everyone is able to develop their creative skills.

Monday next week Cane and I will talk with Gaby about the plans regarding the next plans for the show. What we will do with the money found (work with public schools and implement a dance program). This project will be challenging because working with other members of the community requires a lot of time and deviation. It can sometimes be hard to have the same visions and make these come true so we will need to work on effectively communicating our ideas with others. 

We also ask Gaby if she needs any help with the show that will happen in June. Whether it’s with the planning, organizing, the choreographies.  


What do you need to make them reality? – money, time, mentorship, training – discuss these elements and explain why.


For the wall we need:

  • Money 
  • Time
  • Planning
  • Support 


For the dance festival we need:

  • Time
  • Support
  • Organization 
  • Communication 


For the show in June we need:

  • Time
  • Training 
  • Schedule 


How will you know that you have been successful?


The wall will be done by the end of this trimester, the show in June will go as planned and we will help Gaby make it possible and less stressful, and we will move forward with our dance festival project by starting to talk with public schools and helping our community. 

Feedback: i think that it would be nice if members of the dance studio were able to contribute to the mural yall are painting. After all they are part of the dance community and it would be a team building idea for all little and big dancers. And if you guys want to do the activities with food, snacks etc… incorporate that with the mural painting. 

Created By: Guanacaste, Costa Rica

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