The ATL that I have used the most so far in my planning for CAS/Anchor night, is communication. Communication issues have been the reason that the event was postponed, therefore it is the most important aspect to keep under control the second time around. Now that Alexa and I are majorly in charge of the project, we have to communicate with each other about our timeline, as well as all the important details for the event to occur and be organized. Communication with Miss Amy is also equally as important to keep her in the loop of our new plans, and reaching out to classmates to get their previous work on each part of the project will help us. Although, I think the most important lines of communication come from the marketing aspect, as well as making sure our venue is secured and everyone knows the plan. I have reached out to Stephanie, the owner of Gracia and we are in the process of securing the venue with them. Communicating with the public is half of the success of this event, so we need to make sure people know that we are planning this. This will be done through Facebook groups, newsletter and instagram announcements!  Another ATL that has been very present in this project so far has been self management. As with any CAS project really, it is only you who will get it done, and that requires planning, organization, commitment and motivation. Self management is a tool that I will use in every aspect of my life in the future, from college to potential jobs, as well as just managing school/social/family life. Self management is something that I am learning and gaining tools for in CAS, but will ultimately help me through the rest of life. In the CAS night project, I must make sure that we stay on track and are ready for the event on the day it is happening. It requires me to work outside of class a little bit, but also check in on Alexa. Through self management, this project has prepared me for life and also helped me get through the stress of other classes by planning and getting my work done on time. My most useful tools are lists, and talking through my stresses (it always feels like more than it is in your head). 

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