Beach and town cleanup/Planting trees

This past Wednesday (September 11th) the 11th grade class –had a field trip to Potrero (a local town) to support a  few classmates’ CAS project, titled Green Power. We split up into two groups, one group planted trees at the beach, while the other group helped clean-up trash in downtown Potrero. This could not be done without all the help we received from Asada Potrero, Reciclando Potrero and Bahía del Sol, who provided us  with the proper materials to complete our job. It was a great experience, to give back to the environment. Some learning outcomes achieved over this trip were to engage in world issues, like solution, and work collaboratively with others. The 11th grade class managed to get a lot done with the time that we had and also noticing just how much trash and work is needed in our local communities.

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