Beach clean up

Social (collaboration)

Self Management (executive function skills, mindfulness, self-motivation)

Social collaboration was demonstrated this week since my class went on a little field trip to the Brasilito beach. It was for Jagger and Romeo’s CAS project. The objective was to pick up trash in order for them to make art out of microplastics. Individuals from the bandera azul project joined us, and guided us through it. We ended up with about 7 big black trash bags. By doing this activity I am able to not only help my community with a cleaner and prettier beach, but also make sure animals have a cleaner habitat and don’t ingest plastic. I felt very proud of myself and accomplished after doing this activity. Self management, self motivation, and executive function skills fit perfectly with the “activity” we did with Jessica. We talked a bit about when we could do the field trip and she said she would get back to us next week. Jessica showed us all of the helmets, hooks, and harnesses used for canopy. She gave us a brief demonstration and explanation of how to use it, how to put it on and off, and  why it is important. I discovered that it was hard to put the harness on and off when I have acrylic nails. I will definitely try to not have acrylics as much once our project is in motion.


Created By: Shana&Caro, Pinilla/La paz

Uploaded To: Canopy Therapy

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