Beachnuts Theater Choreography

This Sunday on October 30 we began to teach the choreography for the Beachnuts theater play, Frozen. We spent an hour working with the cast that came to practice and worked on two parrots of the first song. One of the challenges was that there were a lot of people missing because it is halloween weekend so we were only able to work with about half the cast. It was helpful to be able to work with someone else when teaching the choreography because we could take turns explaining different parts and one could be demonstrating while the other one was explaining. We had the privilege of going to watch part of their practice the week before where we were able to watch them perform a few numbers. What we noticed from this was that they definitely needed some sort of choreography or direction because they had little movement making the numbers seem plain and uninteresting. We did not get through everything that we wanted to get through but we sort of expected that especially since this is the first time we were working with them on choreography. Next time I hope that they come in having practiced what we learned and were able to catch up the parts of the cast that missed the practice so that we are able to move through it quicker. One other challenge with this project has been schedule conflicts. This is because I do a lot of dance and the day that they do practice, Tuesday, is when I do my math tutoring class. I hope that we are able to be as productive as possible with the one day a week that we are able to meet with them. 

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