Cas 7 learning Outcomes


For the last 2 weeks, me and my CAS team have been working on our progression with the renovation of the ib lounge. Our current goal is to find funds to place an air conditioner system in the ib lounge as well as windows. We have had 2 meetings with miss Kenia, and we’ve talked about the possibility of the school providing half of the funds needed for us to complete this goal we have. Through these past weeks, we’ve been showing perseverance and commitment to the school and we’ve tried multiple ways to approach them since it has been a struggle to contact them. Personally, I would say there’s a lack of interest from part of the school, but we are going to try new ways to contact them and make our message clear with what we want. Working with Kassie and Dani through these problems has been very helpful. Dani knows a lot about how school works since he’s been in La Paz for a longer period of time. He guides us and Kassie into what should be our next moves and who we should talk to next. Personally, I feel like I have taken a lot of initiative when it comes to talking with people from the school’s staff. I like interacting with others and finding new ways to communicate more effectively. 

Overall our experience these past two weeks hasn’t been the greatest but I and my team continue to grow and learn from our past mistakes. I believe that me and my school having the opportunity to enjoy spaces others dont have and to be able to maintain them in their best state is our goal as a group. Even though the school hasn’t provided the best support I understand that there are other situations that the school is taking care of and may affect the outcomes of our project but they have to prioritize their situations.

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