CAS/anchor night

I am on the finance team! We worked to figure out the raffle prizes, the way to donate money (both colones and dollars), and the set up of our booth. I will create a fun poster this week, with letters and big signs to donate. We will also include pictures of our sponsors for the raffle prizes and some quotes from projects to incentivize people to donate. Here is the work on our document:

Raffle prizes!
Two $50 gift cards from Origami food truck
$20 gift card from Deli Cafe
Two baskets from Page Turner Books/Toy store
100 dollar credit from either of Cuco’s restaurants
Pura Vida Ride gift card for 2 hour paddle board
Pura Vida Ride t-shirt
1 month tennis membership at 15 love
CORE gift certificate

Mauro – bamboo -patagonia
Tate- shops in tama- rumors
Vida bowl
Shana canopy
Coco spa
Surf box?
A lo nico
The shack
Coco loco

Emily and Geyra: Donate to a mother and her three children that do not have four walls. Your donations will help us improve Daisy’s living conditions and provide a support network with a better lifestyle to her daughters and to fulfill her dream of having a home.
Jack: Every contribution helps impoverished kids grow generational wealth through investing.
Huevos con Amor: Con 20 mil compramos alimento de calidad por una semana
Cloe: With 2,000 dollars 100 dogs will be fixed


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