CAS considerations


Why do CAS– Check all that apply
Pass Creativity Activity and Service class to get the IB diploma
Learn or develop new skills
Teach your skills to others
Enhance your resume for college/university
Gain work experience in your chosen field
Build self-confidence
Meet new people
Feel needed or valued
Express gratitude for help you may have received in the past from others
Communicate to others that you are enthusiastic about your community
Make a difference in someone’s life
Other ______________________________________________________________________
Health Care
Safety and Security
The elderly
Other: Music and books_________________________________________________
Skills that you have to apply to the project
Computer literacy
Other _______________________________________________________________________
Other ________________________________________________________________________
What else do you do well that you can use for this project?

I think I am good at creating content in social media so for my project I could offer service on
creating content and presentations to help their library become more recognized. While also
helping in the library with organizing books and cleaning.

It is important for you to consider what needs that you might have to create a successful CAS
experience. If this isn’t considered beforehand, you may find yourself in a situation where
neither you nor the organization/cause are getting their needs met.
Transportation Do you have reliable transportation to get to and from your project?
Reliable means that you can count on a friend or family member to drive you or you have access
to public transportation to get to the project site.
Time How much time can you reasonably give to your project? Over committing builds
resentment. Take into consideration your family obligations, school, and the time of partners.
(Examples would be thinking about dividing up the work in a group so that it is equitable, or the
time that it takes a family member to drive you.)
Considering my schedule I believe I have enough time to help the library with whatever is
needed or once or twice a week.
Learn For many volunteering is a two-way street. The organization or the cause that you choose
gets your time and in return you gain knowledge and experience. Are there specific things that
you are hoping to learn while volunteering/helping an organization or a specific group of
people? If so, write them down and then let your mentor or CAS Coordinator know. (We can
also ask the Wonderment if there are any connections.
Learn more about books
Learn about the logistic of a library
Develop better social skills
Agency/Organization/Cause Now that you have defined what you want, please develop a list of
questions for the people that you will be helping. Examples: What do they expect of you? Can
you talk to a current volunteer about their experiences?

What do you want me to know about the library?
What do you expect from my service?
What are the things that I could help you with?

Then create a list of people and their contact numbers and emails that you can contact to be a
mentor or provide an opportunity for learning.
1. Ana Maria Vega [email protected]
2. Soledad Naranjo [email protected]

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