In the last two weeks working on Model United Nations, I have practiced the IB learner qualities of being a risk taking, open minded, thinker while working collaboratively, engagingly, and passionately. Throughout these past weeks, my partner Diego and I have created, collaboratively with the students from our Tempisque campus, the five issues we will be discussing in MUN this year. Throughout the brainstorming and decision period for the issues we will be debating, I have recognized how working collaboratively with students from both campuses not only helps make this project more curious and engaging by combining different viewpoints, but also builds team working skills that will only continue to benefit me in the rest of my educational and professional future. This time of working collaboratively to find topics that will interest and engage two schools, helps strengthen my leadership skills, and also helps me to appreciate and recognize the support I am able to rely on from my teachers and peers.


While preparing for Model United Nations by writing two of the summaries for the topics we will be discussing, I have educated myself on issues of enormous importance in our global community, and have also begun to fully comprehend the meaning and impact that MUN has on our school community. MUN helps students to be aware of the issues that are occurring in our world and societies, and motivates them to instigate change within our societies. Because children are the future for change, the ethical implications that MUN holds, such as making children actors in global politics, is powerful and will only benefit the global community. MUN allows students to view all different viewpoints and actors that are impacted or impacting the issues we are studying to teach them lessons of always gathering all sides of a topic and leaving no voice left unheard. MUN also teaches students how to work collaboratively and the extreme impacts that global cooperation can have within our world. By being able to work on this project in the last two weeks by choosing the topics, collaborating with different campuses, communicating with our schools, and writing the summaries, I have been gifted the opportunity to really feel the full impact that MUN can have on our school community, and I have been motivated by the change that I know our school will be inspired to make in the future.

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