CAS Journal Entry 22/03/2023

The successes of this trimester have been to work collaboratively with Diego to teach, inspire, and engage the La Paz community about not only how to participate in Model United Nations, but also how to participate in initiating change in the global community. Diego and I are hoping that MUN serves as a building block to inspire our community to take what they have learned about cooperation and speaking up about issues and try to make a positive impact on our world. We have been teaching each class and group of students about the different roles they will be partaking in for Model UN so that everyone knows how to exceed and do amazing in their different roles. 

Evidence: Presentation for Classes 


Both Diego and I have been practicing the IB learner profiles of being risk-takers, open-minded, and caring leaders. We have taken on this immense project with open minds that are ready to accept and adapt to suggestions. We have also practiced being caring while teaching the whole school how to successfully participate in MUN. 


The areas that I can grow in are making sure that I am able to organize and keep track of the tasks that I need to complete and make sure that I complete them efficiently, and in a timely manner. I have been struggling with keeping track of all the different work I have to do within MUN and trying to balance that with the work I am doing with IB. I noticed I have been procrastinating work in my regular school and I have been trying really hard to not procrastinate MUN preparation. I recognize that having made a timeline of when we want to finish certain tasks has been extremely important and helpful in reminding Diego and me what needs to be done and keeping us on track to finish in time. Evidence: Planning Schedule for 2023 MUN


The challenges taken on were attempting to finish this entire project while working collaboratively with the kids from Tempisque and meeting the needs of our school. Diego and I have definitely been challenged with working remotely with the kids from Tempisque, however, it has been an interesting opportunity and a way to grow for me. We have had to find ways to communicate through emailing, texting, and zooming. We have also had to separate tasks, but by undertaking this new challenge, we are gaining new skills of how to be effective leaders that are able to collaborate with others while also holding our values and ideas for the project accountable. Evidence: 


I have shown perseverance throughout this trimester by receiving criticism and constructive feedback, and still powering through and committing to working really hard to finish this project and make it impactful. Diego and I took on this challenge not fully understanding the amount of work it would entail. However, if I could go back in time to when Ms. Audrey asked me to do MUN, I would not change a single thing. It has been such a fun and interesting project to take on, and even though we have experienced many setbacks and hiccups, such as Diego having to take time off and issues with the outline, we have kept on committing to making sure we give our community a memorable experience. 


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