CAS Night

As a part of one of my peers CAS initiative I am participating in a school CAS and Anchor Project night. It is going to be an event where all of the school's projects have a chance to present to the school and community. I personally am going to have a booth in order to promote my Math tutoring. I have decided to have an interactive math game called ‘countdown’. Each person is going to receive 6 numbers from the three different number rollers I have created, then they will randomly generate a number and have to use all six numbers obtained to equal the number they generated. I will also have fliers to hand out promoting my project and I will be able to answer any questions or give any information about my project to anyone who comes to the booth. I think it is very important for the community to see that math can be something that is fun and for them to get excited about what my math tutoring might be like. I am also happy that I am able to support my classmates in their event and share my project with the community. 

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