CAS night

What are your reflections for the evening? After talking to parents about your projects and processing your ideas, what were your thoughts on your project today?


I am proud of what me and Cane achieved on CAS night. Our presentation allowed a space for us to communicate our project with the community and raise awareness. We showed our IB learner profiles of communicators and risk-takers by speaking in front of a big audience and having the courage to stand there and talk about our project. 


What are your next steps toward moving your project forward? 


  • Having a meeting with Mr Abel
  • Writing a letter so we can send it to future sponsors


Who do you need to discuss your project with in order to make those next steps? 


We need to have a lot of effective and strong communication with the school, more specifically Mr Abel. This is because our project really depends on the school and their future plans regarding the creation of a stage in the school property. By talking with Mr Abel we will ask the most important and hard questions about the project, the budget, the space, and the school’s involvement.   


How are you going to make the time to do these steps outside of class? 


We need to find a balance between school work and our CAS project and find  a time to meet with Mr Abel. The time can be during lunch any day for about 20 minutes or during the last period Friday (since its CAS class). We will work on the letter during CAS class, and if necessary work on it at home.   



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