CAS night logistics committee – Sept. 6

Organization and set up 

  • 5:30 – 6:30 open house, table, and booths 
  • 6:30: start presentations for CAS but only those who recognition for founds or volunteers 

 No sit-down dinner → grab and go (tacos?)

  • Mix anchor and CAS tables around the space (don’t separate by age group)
  • Make assign table cards so people find their way around
  • Kids as representatives and parent volunteer/teacher for anchor booths
  • Have a donation tabel? Cash and card 
    • Specific CAS project or entire Class 
    • Donation bar that shows the amount being donated 
    • Provide an incentive when donations reach a certain amount (pie a teacher)  – start low so audience gets excited
  • Projector, screen, and sound system
    • Video
    • Slide show of past and present CAS projects w/ small description playing during the open house 
    • Key objectives and achievements (who you worked with, # of people involved)
    • Definition of CAS 
    • Microphone and speakers
  • Make a list of anchor projects and cas
    • Combine similar CAS and anchor (Ex: Cloe and dog anchor) –Place in a similar area but two separate booths 


  • Do we need our own tables? 
  • Do we need our own speaker?

Created By: Guanacaste Costa Rica

Uploaded To: Supporting the arts

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