CAS night take 2 – November 10th 2022

I will not be presenting at CAS night because I have been working to set up and manage it! It has been a long process, but during the event I will be in charge of managing the fundraising (raffle) and donations table. I’ve been working to get all the raffle prizes in order and sent to us physically, as well as set up the simpe móvil, the Qr code, and the venmo so that anyone can donate in a variety of ways. I finally have all the supplies and now I am working on the actual raffle poster that will be its own booth (evidence to come next week…) Additionally I need to print out all the raffle tickets, and get them cut out so we have a functioning system to distribute them. I created a google doc and made my own raffle tickets because we could not find any to buy. On top of all the raffle and donation set up, I have spent a lot of time working to get the marketing for the event set up and coordinating with Carol. Since she is a new part of the staff, communication has been difficult, and taken a while to get on the same page. However, we have started marketing now! The invite will be sent out 3 times in the next week, and hopefully we have a great turn out. During this week I will still need to coordinate the food, and the bus to take kids home. I am excited to see how the event turns out! 

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