CAS Night take 2 – Nov 8, 2022

CAS Night take 2 – Nov 8, 2022

This week I have finalized the details for CAS night. In class on Monday, I communicated with my classmates all information regarding the event and their roles. A couple of them had questions about what they are required to present so I sat with them and explained what each booth and presentation needs to include. I finalized the list of presenters by emailing and talking face-to-face with them about the details of each presentation. Considering CAS night was postponed the presenter list needed to be changed leaving a couple of projects wanting to fill vacant spots. That means I need to continue working with each project leader to make sure the presentation is completed on time and correctly. Additionally, I had a meeting with two teachers and Gracie in order to plan the logistics of the event one more time and answer any questions we might have had. Gracie and I have effectively delegated tasks assigning each other different jobs to complete before and during the event. This allows us to maximize our time and not waste it completing the same job over and over again. My final steps before the actual event consist of meeting with another teacher and two students to discuss their role in manning the donation table with me. The marketing aspect has been a little difficult for this event but the flyer has finally been updated and should be able to be shared with our community now. Besides marketing, we have faced a couple of other issues which we had to solve. For example, teachers aren't wanting to stay late after school on Thursday considering that is the day they are allowed to leave school immediately after being let out. The lack of motivation on their part is difficult because of the role they play for each booth, as well as motivating their students to attend the event. Besides the obvious challenges that accompanied postponing the event and moving it to school, the financial aspect has still not been confirmed. Considering it is a school event the costs should be covered by the organization but we have not yet confirmed if we need to fundraise or not.

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