Celebrate the beat (Service).

This summer Hunter and I had the opportunity to help out a non-profit organization called Celebrate the Beat. We spent two days in Vail Colorado assisting a camp for 120 kids. Our job was to help them in the process of learning choreography that they were then going to perform that Friday to an audience at the Vail dance festival. We were able to meet the organizer and one of the teachers, Tracy, through our CAS class where we talked about our project and some of the challenges we were having engaging some of our kids in our classes. She then suggested we learn some of the skills necessary while being able to participate in this amazing opportunity of teaching kids on a large scale and learning some new skills from their teaching practices. There were many challenges undertaken as it is not easy to teach 120 kids ages 9-12 at the same time. Some had more trouble picking up the choreography than others and some had trouble engaging. On the second day Hunter and I were in charge of going over the choreo with some of the kids who e4re having trouble but we had a difficult time making sure they understood everything. But we worked together and were able to work collaboratively to get them all on the same page. We then were able to reflect as a team with the rest of the members of the organization on what went wrong and how we could have improved. This was such an amazing opportunity especially for the kids because may of them did not usually have the opportunity to dance as they come from lower income households. We were able to address that global issue that we address in our own project by being a part of bringing opportunities to dance to the Vail community. I had an amazing time interning with Tracy and her team and I hope to be able to do it next year.

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