CEPIA Dance Camp!

On august 23-26 Hunter, Alexa, and I held a dance camp for the CEPIA kids. We did 3 hours each day from 9-12 and taught them acro, hip-hop, jazz, and also played games and did activities. We had a goal of exposing them to different styles of dance while giving them a space to have fun and enjoy. We were able to show commitment and perseverance to out CAS project over the break because of this initiative and we were able to plan, initiate, and carry out a successful CAS event. We had to choreograph, teach, work with kids, communicate not only with one another but with the transportation and the studio owner. One of the highlights was that on the last day we surprised them with a little treat and bought paninis and brownies from the downstairs cafe for all of the kids. There were challenges with some of the kids with getting them to pay attention or be engaged for 3 hours straight but overall I think we have really improved in working with the kids from when we started teaching in the beginning of the year. I think we will try to keep working with them and keep providing these opportunities.

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