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This week as a class we collaborated with 5th, 4th, and 3rd graders and gave them an example on how to reflect on a question for their portafolios at the end of the year as well as spent some time filling it out with them. The question I chose to answer is “how do i organize my time at home when I have homework or have to study for an exam?” To answer this I created a mind map, my first point is making lists, this is something i’m constantly doing. I usually make my lists from most urgent to least urgent, label due dates if necessary and cross or check them once completed, which has sort of become like a sense of accomplishment. I also am constantly planning ahead every week, calculating how much time I need for each assignment and how early I need to start working on it. I also reflected on the importance of taking breaks and working in intervals, this makes me much more productive because assignments can sometimes feel never ending especially when taking on a large essay or project. Therefore assigning myself a specific time to take a break increases my motivation and decreases procrastination. Lastly I mentioned the way I organize myself when preparing for a test. Something I’ve recently been doing much more since beginning the IB program is creating flashcards before every test. This means that I divide my prep time between at least 2 days 1 to make flashcards and the other to actually study. This method is really useful for me and has made my studying much more efficient. When I make flashcards it is my time for making sure I understand all the material, and at the same time helps me learn it/refresh by writing it down. The flashcards are then really easy and visually pleasing to study with. 


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