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In the last months since my big event in December, many challenges and activities has made me love my cas project even more. I enjoyed spending time organizing and selecting music for the cas video I created, a couple of weeks ago. Once it was all placed together I was really proud of the final outcome. I believe my message was well explained in the video and emotions were also connected which made people enjoy the video more. I also had the opportunity to connect more with music in my weekly theater/music classes in which I help whenever I can. These classes also helped me get to know the other music teachers. I have learned more about their history in music and how they have found their path through their music journey. About a month ago good vibes (the music school I help) partnered with other projects related to bringing facilities to our community and children. This event helped these projects raise money to provide our community with facilities such as bringing stress toys for kids that are in the neurodiversity community. Another project works on saving money to provide food to a family that doesn't have the resources to buy them for themselves. Overall this event helped raise the money needed and there was a clear impact on the community due to this fundraising. Although the results of the event were good the activities there were many challenges we had to overcome.

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