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As I keep developing my project, I keep on noticing connections between it and global issues occurring inside and outside of the province. Every week, I hear more and more stories of people getting assaulted, not getting home, and ending up in unsafe situations, whether that be on public transportation or not. When my project started, I saw SafeGuanaTaxi as an extremely good tool for women, but as the project progresses, I keep on noticing its utility for all genders as well as a day-to-day tool for transportation. This is mainly due to the lack of public transportation in the area of Guanacaste and as I see SafeGuanaTaxi as a good way for kids and teenagers to use taxis despite their parent's objections due to its reliability and safety. This would affect a huge group of people who can't use taxis due to their parents, this is where I hope SafeGuanaTaxis' mission can help parents to see we try to provide as much safety and reliability as we can to anyone taking a taxi. In the future, we hope to start creating an app so that SafeGuanaTaxi can become an easier access tool to build a reputation to eventually become something people across the province can use. Due to our lack of time to be able to fully accomplish that goal, we also hope that a student takes over the project in order to fully see it through and be able to take SafeGuanaTaxi to its full potential.

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