Copa de Oro Log #1

This week we started getting all of our ideas organized and actually got to start the soccer team for our school. On September 11, 2021, our invitation to one of the invited schools declined, which is a big drawback because this is a 4 team tournament and now we have to look for another school willing to participate. Our goal is to bring back the interescholar activities with adequate protocols in order to reactivate activity in sports within schools, this tournament consists of 4 teams that will play a total of 6 games. This would start in March(if Covid allows it) or will have to be delayed until the second or third quarter of the year. Currently, our mentor in this project is helping us by training the soccer team and getting us in contact with Edurcate which is one of the other 3 schools that are being considered for this tournament, also a parent of a kid in the soccer team has shown interest in sponsoring the team, he would pay for the new uniforms in exchange of the uniforms having the logo if his company on it. Everything looks to be going as planned, some parts we got ahead of while also having that major drawback from the decline of the invitation but in the end, this project will benefit the community by reactivating that social interaction between schools that have been gone for almost two years now if restrictions allow it there we could get spectators and people selling food which would be a great economic help to these families.

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