Copa de Oro Log #2

This is a Gantt Chart which is the graphical representation used in project management that will show the length of time tasks in the project should take. This has helped me get a clear view of all of our current tasks and how much we've progressed, it actually makes me feel like we are kind of short on time when looking at when we want to start the tournament, it made me choose to make some modification to some of the dates and as things come up I see myself modifying it further. It will also let me see which aspects of the project didn't work which allows me to change some things if my classmate and I end up also having 2023 Copa de Oro. As a side project, I've also joined the yearbook committee, since this was the first meeting we only discussed what software we are going to use and started thinking about fundraisers to pay for the license of the software. There is a comment on the "Copa de Oro Log #1" which for some reason I would click on answer and nothing would happen so I'm going to answer it here. So, "How is your coach going to keep you motivated while there is no competition?" Well, we are going to have "Fogueos" which are friendly games with other soccer teams, our coach has arranged one of them this Thursday (9/23/21) and as the tournament gets closer the participating teams will want to try their opponents in more of these fogueos. For "It surprised me that a school would decline an invitation when it is so far in the future. Can you add more to that?" We are planning to ask them once again around January or February with possibly our school's administration cc'd on the email, plus hopefully, fewer restrictions/covid cases might make them change their minds.

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