Creating our own choreographies (Creativity).

Something creative I did over the summer was being able to create new choreographies with my sister. We like to play around with different songs and styles that we would like to use in our future choreographies for the kids during comp;etition or for the CEPIA kids. The dance we did in the rain had its own specific challenges as that day we were planning to go do it in the studio but had lost the key. This resulted in us having to find our own space in our house to be able to choreograph the dance and then move around some things to find a place to film the dance. I was able to work collaboratively with my sister who is also my partner in this project. We were able to play on each other's strengths and give each other constructive criticism concerning each move. Working outside of normal class hours for dance and CAS shows our perseverance, commitment, and passion for dance and our project and the time and effort we put into cultivating the skills necessary to be successful. I want to continue to be creative during the break and use those moments of exploration and apply them to when I teach others so they too can grow and explore their own personal styles. 

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