Vacation! A time to relax, explore, discover and have fun. I am sad to say we are about halfway through. During this break, I traveled to New York City, Vermont, Boston, and California. All of these places helped me accomplish my goal to find out where I wanted to go to college. I started this break with the intention to discover where I may want to spend the next four years of my life. I discovered it was none of these places! I love visiting the United States and seeing the creativity, passion, acceptance , and life that it has. However even though this may be true I realized I can only take this for a certain amount of time. I am someone who struggles with decision making which is why I had forced myself to accept the path that most people were telling me was right. This meant going to school in the United States. Through this trip and this break I learn to make a decision for myself. I dug deep and really thought about the idea of living in this country for another 4 years. I couldn’t see myself happy. We still “looked” at colleges and I still went to a Harvard Summer Program but despite all of this I was still sure, I wanted to stay in CR for another year then transfer to Europe. This is my dream that I decided. I decided this through the environment I was put in. The majority of the places that I visited were full of creative, expressive people who did what they wanted when they wanted to, to their fullest potential. It was inspiring and rewarding to see the happiness this bestowed in them. One moment in particular was when I was in San Francisco on Haight and Ashbury and a woman told my friends and I, “ If it makes you happy, no one else’s opinion should matter.” She was speaking about a shirt but I relate that to my life and the big decisions that are coming up in it. Overall I utilized my creativity which was inspired by the creativity around me to make a decision that I believe will make me happy. 


Created By: Sibley Zepeda, Costa Rica


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