Creativity, Activity, Service. December 2nd, 2022:

What are the areas for growth that I am noticing in my work? How can I specifically work on these to move my project forward?

Some of the areas of growth that I have been noticing lately are my use of organizational skills. I am a very organized person but I have been putting aside work for my CAS project for longer periods of time than I would like to. I will work on staying ahead in my plans and move along with my workload of school as much as my personal efforts for my personal projects. Even though I wanted to finish my project by the end of my first trimester of 111th grade, as time carried on, I realized that the deadline I put on myself was not the most feasible based on the amount of work and time it would consume. However, I do plan to come back for the second trimester ready to begin as early as possible to carry out my plan, which is: 1. Recruitment of volunteers. 2. Buying materials and supplies and lastly, 3. Build the Zen Garden and have it done in a specific time scheme.


What are my perceptions of the way my experience will go?

My perspective towards my project shows very high expectations. I’ve developed a great sense of relatedness with my project, and will love to see it fulfill the expectations it holds. I believe that with the right advertisement and maintenance my project will be very helpful for the La Paz community. Giving a free space and a stress free area is incredibly exciting and I know that many people will not only use this space, but be grateful to have something like it in their everyday environment. I have already created my fundraiser where I raised 170 dollars towards my project. The activity turned out to be a success and truly helped the foundation of my expectation towards my project.


What challenges do I need to take on to start my project? How do I feel about these new challenges right now? How can I overcome the feelings that are barriers to getting things done?

Some of the main challenges I have to take on to continue with my project are the recruitment of volunteers and the intake of supplies. I believe that the recruitment process won’t be too hard, but it will certainly be time consuming. I will share the news in Morning Meeting where I will give people the opportunity to join the cause and help me build the garden afterschool. The intake of supplies won’t be a problem as long as I stay in a specific price range according to the money raised for my project. Overall, I am not stressed about these challenges but I will have to manage my time to make sure every step of my plan goes smoothly.


What is the value of my project? How does it affect others?

My project holds a big value in my school environment and I am confident that it will have a very positive impact in La Paz. Many people in school are always affected by the amount of work they are presented with in a day. This project will help many students by giving them a way to relieve stress and anxiety, and a place where any student from 6-12th grade can just go and take a breath. I have always cared about not only my mental health, but how much my environment shapes the mental health of me and the people around me. School can be fun, but it can also be a stressful environment, and just having the opportunity to take a break from all that stress is going to be very helpful amongst La Paz students.

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