Creativity, Activity, Service. January 26th, 2023:

Taking on new challenges and developing new skills in the process.Describe what you did this week to move your project forward?What are the challenges that you faced this past week when working on the project? How do they make you feel? How did you overcome them? What new skills did you learn while working on your project this week? Describe it/them? How can you use this skill in the future? What about these challenges excite you or scare you? How do you use that energy to move your project forward? What is the evidence of taking on these new challenges either in a photo or a video?

Throughout this week, I had many strengths and areas of growth where I improved the advancement of my project by collecting volunteers, announcing the project out to the La Paz community and buying all the materials needed to go through with the project. One of my main challenges this week was my absence in school. I happened to be very sick this week, and had to be put into bed rest for three school days, missing the opportunity to fulfill the expectations I had for myself and my project this week. I still got a lot done throughout the week and got a total of eight volunteers to help out in the foundation of this project ( 3 more than I needed and expected ). I gained experience throughout this week by going around school and asking students to join the project and help me by volunteering. Doing this led me to gain more communicative skills and helped me open up within my school environment, which made me feel more prepared towards the accomplishment of my project. Even though I was sick and unable to do much physical action upon my project,  I persevered through the week, with the help of my friends, I used my time wisely to manage my renewed schedule ( due to sickness ), and now have organized a new plan for the upcoming week. I basically moved the plan I had for this week to next week. By building the Zen Garden project next week, my schedule will be more flexible therefore the achievement of my expectations for this project will be more attainable.

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