Creativity, Activity, Service. November 11th, 2022:

Explain the steps that you have taken to start the project. 

I finished my feasibility study regarding the Zen garden I will create in school. I have also determined the area and budget this project will require (The area between Arenal and Chirripo, 200 dollars). I have had many meetings with Ms. Kenya to determine the overall purpose and trajectory of the project. I have gotten approval from administration and organized a fundraiser to recollect money for the project (Money collected: 150 dollars). The fundraiser consisted of a Halloween event called candy grams. I spent over 10 hours on the overall performance of this fundraiser.


Explain what will be done this week to move the project forward.

I will finish my CAS video, prepare a speech for CAS night, and next week I will be able to present this project in a morning meeting, asking for volunteers to help begin this project. I will need over 5 volunteers to help get this project going. I will begin organizing the work for this project this upcoming week, and begin disclosing the purpose and the goals to meet of this project.


Explain an obstacle that you are encountering and how you will manage to overcome that obstacle.

My biggest obstacle so far has been the video yet to upload to the wonderment page. It has been difficult given the fact that I would like the garden to be a part of the video itself, but it will not be possible. Another obstacle presented by this video is the actual technical part of the video and definitely has been a challenge. I have gotten help from other friends with similar videos and arranged all my ideas into the video in question.


Explain a success that you are feeling and how that is fueling motivation for the project. 

The biggest success I feel at the moment is my performance during the fundraiser ( Candy Grams ). I was one of the first people that started advocating a project, and starting the project with already collected money has provided me a sense of accomplishment and certainly has provided me with motivation to carry out this project.


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