Creativity, Activity, Service. November 24th, 2022:

CAS Night: What are your reflections for the evening?

C.A.S Night was an amazing experience, for both the presenters and the audience. As part of the presenters, we were able to engage with parents and other participants by describing our CAS projects. Within that description we showed our progress, handed them a presentation and explained to the audience the purpose of our projects. The night was very necessary especially for students with high needs of money for their projects. Big audience presentations made an impact in the audience and their moving speeches and presentations truly marked a difference in on-going projects. 


After talking to parents about your projects and processing your ideas, what were your thoughts on your project today? 

While talking about my project with parents and other participants, they truly gave me a sense of motivation and hope for the future of my project. Many parents remarked that my project will truly set a difference in the dynamic of secondary students, which at the end of the day, that is my goal to meet. I believe my project ( The Zen Garden ) will be a success, and it will be a safe place that many people will be happy to have in their school.


What are your next steps toward moving your project forward? 

My next steps are getting volunteers to get the project started. I will talk to Ms. Kenya to get a final approval on the project’s trajectory, and then I will begin recruiting volunteers to start setting up the garden. Once I have the volunteers, I will buy all the materials needed to display the project and begin the set up of my project as soon as possible.


Who do you need to discuss your project with in order to make those next steps? 

Mainly I will discuss with Ms. Kenya, talking about my following moves for this project is fundamental since the organization of this project has to be perfect. I will also discuss with my dad to organize the setup of this garden. He will be helping me buy all the supplies and materials necessary to fulfill the expectations the Zen Garden has. 


How are you going to make the time to do these steps outside of class? 

I plan to discuss my project in the next morning meeting, recruiting volunteers and spreading the word about the high expectations I have for this project. I plan to stay organized and use my lunch time efficiently to also discuss all of the information and knowledge necessary before I announce my project in the morning meeting announcements (Wednesday, November 30th). 


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