Creativity, Activity, Service. October 7th, 2022:

My project, The Zen Garden, will develop a safe place in school planning to make students in La Paz feel comfortable and at peace. The sole purpose of this project is to give both Chirripo and Tenorio students a place where they can feel at peace and take a breath. School contains a very high amount of stress and anxiety which often occurs in class or just in school in general. Not only that but many people with mental health disorders also require a certain level of concentration and time alone, as to be a relaxing spot where a student can be alone with their thoughts and not have to be forced to surround themselves with so many other students. When students are surrounded by such stress they need a place filled with relaxation and peacefulness. I am sure many students, especially IB students will take advantage of this project and it will result in a very positive outcome for the students and their daily school stress. I plan this project to be a very individualized project, meaning that I will take care of things myself since it’s a short term project where I plan to have it done by the end of the trimester. 


Mission Statements: Zen garden.


This project is worth investing in because it advertises and promotes everyday solutions to stress and anxiety.


A zen garden will motivate students to express their feelings and emotions, this will adopt a safe environment in school and keep students healthy and stressless.


This will facilitate the ideology of inner peace and grow awareness for mental health in a school environment.


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