Creativity, Activity, Service. September 13th, 2022:

What are your ideas for your project?

My main ideas for my project are creating a zen garden; a safe place where La Paz students ( Tenorio and Chirripo students ) can come and take a breath. The plan is to make a naturally enclosed space in the campus, having a bench where the students can come down and sit for a minute and have a neatly organized garden around it.


Why do they make sense? 

The project consists of making the students feel like they are protected and safe in their everyday environment. I have anxiety, and as other students that have it or even don’t, I know what it’s like to need a calm place where I can take a five minute break from all the distractions and I am ready to provide that for the rest of my peers.


Why do they not make sense?

Students may use this as an opportunity to leave class or avoid important academic work. I have a plan to promote this garden but have a monitored control of who goes into the garden and for how long. I will talk to teachers and have permission to provide this space for the students, and actually embrace the idea of a safe area for secondary students without derailing the academic integrity of a student.


What are the barriers to making it successful?

Circumstances this project may bring would be the cost in arranging and organizing this area. I plan to create many alternate fundraisers in school, where students can put a part in this project for the La Paz community. Volunteer work will be needed for this project. I will get many volunteers to help me create and organize this garden, and this would actually create a very wonderful opportunity for secondary students to have a garden to care about and be able to constantly take care of it as the school grows. I will need the help of teachers to get this project approved, and help of students to plant flowers and other plants, clean up the space, and move and arrange all of the necessary materials onto the area.


What are your strengths that make this possible?

I am a very hardworking person, and will assure that my motivation and leadership skills remain strong during this entire project. I consider myself to be a very friendly leader, and will maintain to work everyday with teachers and students to accomplish my goal and finish this project before the end of the second trimester.


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