Creativity and Activity over Summer Break

This break, I continued baking bread with my homemade yeast. My mom brought the yeast to Costa Rica in its dried form, and I baked a little there too, so when we left for Slovakia, I dried it, and divided it in two, leaving one in Costa Rica for future endeavors, and taking one with me to Slovakia so that I could continue baking. I baked bread like usual, but I had to make adjustments to the recipe due to the nature of where I was and my equipment, specifically the oven. Our oven is very small and very strong, so I had to lower the temperature for the bread a little bit. Then I decided I wanted to expand and not only make bread, I decided to make a vianočka. The first time did not go well at all, I had to make the dough, divided into 4 large pieces, 3 smaller pieces and 2 smaller pieces, braid the groups together and layer them on top of each other. I made the pieces too long, and too thin, and I baked them too long on temperature that was too high, so it came out a charred mess. The second time I learned from my mistakes, I made the pieces shorter and thicker, and I baked for a shorter amount of time with a lot less heat, and the change was visible immediately. This shows my creativity as well as activity, as I did my type of art, and I kept doing it so that I was very well versed at it, I also started working out and swimming more. I increased my stamina and bettered my swimming technique so that I could swim for longer periods of time. I also got more and more used to the frigid water temperatures in the pool. I could feel both my physical strength and my baking prowess increasing, as I kept working on both, to have the best results at both I could, so that I would be happy.

Pictures of the bread and vianočka:

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