Creativity and Choreography

My favorite way to express my creative side is through choreography and dance and improv. I like being able to find new ways for my body to move to distinct styles of music. When I get an idea I will usually externalize them in some way so that I will remember them. When it comes to choreography I will play the song over and over again and choreograph in my head especially when I am in places where I can’t just get up and dance like on a plane, in a car, in my bed, etc. I feel more creative when I am by myself or my twin sister. I like working with her because we are so comfortable together. We are able to bounce ideas off of eachother and feed each other's creativity. I get most of my alone creativity when I am bored and being alone allows me to do anything without judgment. I have shown this creativity in my CAS project through the choreographing of a young girl's solo that goes to my studio. She was able to perform it on May 13th at an international dance competition, and did an amazing job. It demonstrates my ability to work on and initiate a CAS project. In the end the judges sent their critiques which allowed both me and Kalia know where we need to improve in choreography and execution.

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