Creativity or Activity

Creativity or Activity

What does it mean to be creative? Being creative to me means opening yourself up to the possibilities and learning to change with your piece. Creativity is not solely related to art, it can be implemented into everyday life, creativity means thinking outside the box and letting your unique side shine through. What is your favorite way to express your creative side? What do you like about it? My favorite way to express my creative side is through moving. I love dance and music, and it's a huge way of expressing myself and emotions. Dancing didn’t begin this way for me, yet it has evolved into the best way to let things out, without having to directly say them out loud. I also love expressing myself through art. I wouldn’t consider myself an “artist” in the stereotypical way of painting, but every time I sit down to draw or color I enjoy it so much. I love putting on music and using color and creating cards and creative pictures. My favorite thing to do is make birthday or celebration cards for friends and family because I love seeing their reactions. What do you do when you get an idea? When I get an idea I write it down so I don’t forget! Then if it's a really good idea I share it with however is relevant to my idea/plan. Then I put it into action! Do you feel more creative by yourself or when you work with others? Why do you think this is? Usually I feel more creative by myself, because I am fully able to use my own ideas and imagination without the input of others. However, I do enjoy seeing what others have to offer and many times this can boost my creativity or give me other ideas to build off of. When I am by myself I don’t doubt my ideas or creativity and I will usually do whatever comes to mind. When I find myself with others, I will ask them what they think and about their ideas and it might not fully fit my standards, but I will compromise. How have you shown creativity in your CAS project? How can you use that to promote your project to others? In my CAS project I have been creative by not only giving the local vendors in our community a place to share their creativity, but coming up with creative ideas and ways to keep the Feria actually running. The Feria from the start was a creative way to incorporate community and family into our school, as well as provide snacks and activities for students. Now, after Covid, it has been a journey to keep it going. There have been various methods to advertise the Feria in creative ways, such as posters, videos, newsletters, social media and google forms. The Feria has always been a creative outlet for people in our community and hopefully, it continues to be so.

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