For my last highschool summer, I decided to work. I have been babysitting a 3 year old named Leo. His parents are family friends which my parents met through work, and they have allowed my sister and I to help them with their toddler as well as around the house and groceries. Over the course of the past 2 months I’ve been over their house everyday; now what does this have to do with creativity?. Well, as anyone can imagine 3 year olds get bored quite fast so I have to find new activities we can do together. One of them being painting. My sister actually came over during her college vacation period so we had painting sections pretty often. Then she left, I would paint with Leo and Miss Kalah (his mom). One day my younger brother Samuel ame over and we had a painting session!. I feel this also helped me get some inspiration for some art pieces I might be interested in making when I get back to HL art. I have also been watching lots of videos on techniques like acrylic pouring, watercolor pens and acrylic painting. In general I’ve been enjoying art more than I expected this summer, by also looking at national artwork and exploring new techniques.

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