Creativity summer entry – Aug

One creative activity I did this summer was to create a mood board and design a home to help my mom with her job. My mom was working on a design and needed inspiration for herself as well as images to show her clients to provide them with a picture of what she wanted. I worked both independently and with my mom throughout this project. We started out with her explaining to me the color pallet, style, and furniture type she wanted. From there I went to Pinterest and gathered photos that resembled what she wanted. As I went on she would change her mind and become more specific about what she wanted which was super frustrating because I would have to restart multiple times or scratch a lot of options. We ended up with a neutral pallet of white, gray, and creams, stone finishes, tons of raw cement, and natural light. After that, she taught me how to draw architectural designs. She showed me how to draw furniture, doors, windows, and graph a room on paper to scale so that the architects and constructionists understand it perfectly. If I'm being honest the work can be very tedious and time-consuming. I would often get bored halfway through and want to just stop and take a break but I enjoyed designing a house alongside my mom and experiencing a portion of her work so I didn't give up. 

Created By: Guanacaste Costa Rica

Uploaded To: Supporting the arts

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