Creativity while working with Good Vibes

My personal experience with creativity has been a roller coaster in the past years. I have tried multiple new practices where I have the opportunity to learn new skills. One example of this related to my CAS project is the utilization of new instruments and equipment needed to set up a band or record a song. While I am working with good vibes and providing my service, I am not only developing my creative side but helping my community.

For me being creative means being able to fluctuate ideas in ways that are original or serve a purpose. A lot of the experiences of my helping in Good Vibes are related to singing. Many don’t realize how much creativity it requires to sing since you can play with sound and creative voice runs that might change how a song turns out.

The process of creating new ideas and sounds for songs comes naturally to me. At first, I never planned how a song might turn out. I just like my emotions and feeling to take away my creative singing actions. One of my favorite memories of helping children in the academy was when I helped a girl sing a song on stage. My first thought when I was assigned to help her was a little nerve-racking, I barely knew the song and I had no idea who the girl was. Also, I was scared of other people’s reactions. Since I felt so bad for her, I decided that helping her was worth more than sitting around and seeing her suffer. She was nervous and needed someone that just gave her the confidence to step onto that platform. Once the song started, she wasn’t anxious, and she performed beautifully. After the performance, I realized that not only did I learn how to improvise creatively on a stage, but more importantly, I was more confident with myself afterward.

When I have the opportunity to work with children, I like it when they play with their vocal range and discover new ways to sing a song or even play it. I believe that it is important for the children to find a creative way to express the art of music. New generations need to develop their creative skills not only in music, but also in the other areas of art. Expressing our emotions in other ways can increase our mental health and help us be better in general as individuals. Overall I am happy with how my CAS project is going, and I am looking forward to new experiences.

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