Dec 2, 2022

Does my project in any way show favoritism or descrimination? Does it treat everyone the same and if not how do I make sure that it does?
My project definitely shows favoritism in the sense that it focuses on the promotion of smaller businesses in my town, and large well known businesses are more of an afterthought. While this is definitely showing favoritism the good outweighs the bad of it by giving help to those that need it the most.

What are the strengths that I am using in my project planning today? How am I using them – be specific.
The strengths I have that best benefit my project is my knowledge of all of the town since living there my whole life, I know a lot more about it than most people, as well as my computer and graphic design skills that I’ve used to create the digital map, as well as the website.

What is the purpose of my activity? Why did I choose this activity, this location, the date and time?
The purpose of my project is to specifically focus on promoting smaller businesses that don’t have the money to pay for recognition on mainstream maps used by most tourists in town. I chose Tamarindo for this because I know the most about everything in this town, so I can create a more in depth guide that can’t be found on the page of a general tourism website.

What are my perceptions going into the task?
I think that it will be successful, although it probably won’t get as much attention as mainstream companies that focus on the tourism industry, the goal is to provide tools to travelers and bring more customers to small businesses.

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