December 2

The value of this project is to be able to help our community while staying within the school setting. We know and see that some people in the community are stressed and this is a way to get them to think about other things while building relationships with people and doing an activity. Everyone can change the world with the ideas they have, they just need to share their ideas. My project can help change the world because it helps people to be more relaxed and it is important for mental health.  


Working with others has its advantages and disadvantages. Some people prefer to be alone and are rather solitary but others need support and prefer to be with a group of people so that they can be helped if they need it.

Some methods of communication that might work in a group is to speak calmly with a calm tone of voice, be attentive, and give clear and precise explanations so that the communication goes better. Some methods that don’t work are for example interrupting when someone is speaking, shouting at your team and not listening to others. 


Not everyone has to agree with my project, and that’s okay but it’s up to me to prove that my project is worthwhile and that it will develop and work. Yes, my actions respect the moral rights of everyone because my project is to help the community while doing an activity with a group of people. everyone will be treated the same and there is no sense of discrimination because everyone will be doing exactly the same thing. 


In my project, I would use communication and group spirit. This project is built from an activity that is canopy, and to do canopy it takes a little courage. People will have to overcome their fear of heights, and the fact of having adrenaline will make them think of something else.

Created By: Caro & Shana, Pinilla/La Paz

Uploaded To: Canopy Therapy

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