Dia de Mascaradas event

This Friday was the Día de las Mascaradas event. We went to each of the campuses to let the students know and we created flyers to spread online as well as on the walls of the school. We also decorated the school with all sorts of decorations, some of the rooms were halloween themed of course, but we also had actual Costa Rican mascaradas as well as some Día de los Muertos decorations like papel picado and I made some posters of skeletons. For the actual event, Keylor and I created food tickets as well as game tickets and we got parents, students, and teachers to volunteer to do activities. We had around 9 activity stations, there was a blind sensory box, a coloring pages room, cookie decorating, and a bunch more. Parents also helped us by donating food and candy. The haunted house put on by the 6th grade class and student government was a huge success and so was the capture the flag game. Towards the middle of the event we did run out of both kinds of tickets because a lot more people came than we had expected. All in all we managed to make roughly 1200 dollars which is more than I ever could have imagined. One part we probably could have improved on is the costume contest, neither of us are very confident in public speaking, it was also not as controlled as we would have liked for it to be, we had some younger kids walking across the stage for the better part of it and we had some confusion with the actual contest. Other than that though I am so incredibly proud of what we did and relieved it is finally over.

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