Dodgeball Tournament _ Grace Herman

June 30th 2019

This weekend Terraza hosted its first dodgeball tournament. Ashley has hosted dodgeball tournaments for the church for the last two years but this was Terrazas first. And it was a huge success. We had over 80 people playing and at least 20 viewers. That means we had over 100 people there. Which is insane. I was worried because I didn’t get a chance to announce it at Tenorio’s morning meeting because we had a late start on Wednesday and I worried they wouldn’t know about it. So I decided to text a bunch of the students that came to the Scavenger hunt. I asked them to spread the news, tell and invite their friends, and they did! I’m so proud. On Friday I was walking around school and people were talking about it everywhere. Students in high school and middle school were organizing rides asking and convincing others to come. It was the place to be Friday night. At the event itself people just keep coming, we had to split into 11 teams. I think last year the dodgeball tournament had like 5 teams. It was so epic. And above all, there were so many girls willing to play and ready to fight. When we were counting off the teams the line of people didn’t fit across the soccer field, it was so cool. I decided to play, first off because I love dodgeball and secondly my approach to this CAS project isn’t to just be the leader collecting money but to be one of the students, because I am a student. I’m still a teenager and Terraza is meant for my age. So I’m so willing to play, to cheer and to compete. I want to make it fun, form relationships and include everyone and in my opinion, there is no way to do that better than to join in on the fun. I was so happy because almost everyone was so into it. There were people from 5th grade to 11th and then students from past years came at the end to support. It was huge and everyone seemed to have fun. Even when people got out they were cheering for their friends and they hung around. I was also surprised because a lot of people from my class showed up. They didn’t all play but they came and supported and that meant a lot. Overall it was a really successful event. It got people talking about Terraza and we made money off of it. I hope we continue to be successful like we have been the last two weeks.

*Identify strengths and areas for growth, Plan and initiate an activity, 

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