Drawing and getting Creative!

Being creative for me means to express myself through art and this is what I did this summer break. Art is and will continue to be a big part of my life because I take HL Art in IB, but also because I enjoy doing it since I was little. Having this class in school is very fun but at the same time it can be very stressful as there are times when you have to complete more than one project on the same week. This made an impact on how creative I was doing break because I felt that I had done a lot during the school year, that I didn’t really want to do much at this point. I still did other creative things such as editing photos and making videos, but apart from that I wasn’t doing much. One aspect of taking an art class is that it helps me to destress myself as I have other work to do in the other classes. But vacation is the time for me to not stress that often and just have a good time with friends and family. However, once I had to start thinking about my assignment and school in general, I started to stress and not be able to find any motivation when trying to do my homework. That’s when I realized that I had to release this stress some way. I decided that I had to do something artistic, so I would go on google, youtube and Pinterest to find projects and ideas I could do. I was determined to create a painting but for some reason something as simple as drawings was calling my name. I hadn’t been drawing in a very long time so I thought why not get back to it and improve my skills. This is when I decided to go to Liberia get a new sketchbook and drawing pencils in order to start getting creative once again. Even though this doesn’t seem as exciting or beautiful as painting or doing some other kind of art, I found it really relaxing to spend hours on completing them. I would also listen to all kinds of music, which basically was letting me do two things that I love which are drawing and getting inspiration from hearing different tones, beats and lyrics. I focused mainly on drawing animals and portraits of family members and friends which kept me going while completing all of my assignments in these last few weeks of vacation. Even though this was the only kind of art I did this summer break, this simple tool helped me and will always continue to do so, whenever I feel stressed, overwhelmed or mentally unstable. Now that I am back to being artistic, I am ready to start this last few months of art class, which will be filled with many new projects, ideas and challenges. 

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