Elf sightings at the school farm!

“Not all those who wander are lost.” - Bilbo Baggins
Each new addition to the Growing A Future School Farm is a launching pad for new teaching and learning opportunities for our K-12 students and community members. Our most recent addition is our new Gazebo and Pollinator Garden Maze built by the Elves (that’s the story we’re telling to keep with our middle earth themed farm). With a creative and imaginative design in hand, we went to work turning this vision into a learning reality. Although we have a few years of growing still in front of us before everything reaches its full beauty; the layout, soil preparation, pathways, irrigation, teaching gazebo, amphitheater, and primary perennial plants & trees are in place. It's a huge blessing to have the foundation of the Elven Pollinator Garden completed and ready for the students during the spring bloom (and K-5 Summer School).

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