This week Shana and I kept organizing and planning our class field trip. We had already talked and planned with Jessica. So this week we focused on sending emails, communicating, and working collaboratively with school administration and teachers. We wrote and sent emails to parents, teachers and administration. We invited Miss Kerry to join us, Miss Kenya the principal asking for permission and transportation, and the cafeteria requesting lunches. Everyone got back to us over the course of the week and their responses were exactly what we wanted to hear. Shana and I also brainstormed about how we are going to do this scavenger hunt. It is a bit of a struggle for the both of us since we have never planned one before but I’m confident that we will achieve it.


  • Karina (school cafeteria)

Hola Karina, te escribimos porque estamos organizando un field trip para la clase de 11th el 23 de Marzo de las 10:25 a 1:55. Necesitamos coordinar almuerzos para llevar al field trip.  Los estudiantes son Carolina (vegetariana) Millie (vegetariana) Mia (vegetariana) Allison (vegetariana) Eric, Miss Amy, Jagger, Matias, Canela, Samantha.

Muchas gracias

Hi Miss Kerry Shana and I along with Miss Amy are taking our class on a field trip to Canopy Pinilla for our CAS “Canopy Therapy.” It is the 23rd of March from 10:25 to 1:55. We were wondering if you would like to join us?

Thank you

  • Miss Kenia

Hola Miss Kenia, Shana y yo estamos planeando un field trip con la clase de 11 a canopy Pinilla. Es para nuestro proyecto de CAS “canopy therapy” consiste en llevar a estudiantes una vez al mes a hacer actividades juntos y zip line para reducir el estrés y mejorar el trabajo en equipo y en clase. Canopy Pinilla es el negocio de la mamá de Shana, ella nos dejó hacer este field trip de forma gratuita. Sería el 23 de marzo de 10:25 a 1:55. Necesitamos tu ayuda para conseguir el bus que nos va a llevar hasta Pinilla, nosotras nos encargamos de enviar el mensaje para los padres y hablar con cafeteria la paz para asegurarnos de los que comen ahí tienen su almuerzo. 

Muchas gracias,

Carolina y Shana. 

Created By: Shana&Caro, Pinilla/La paz

Uploaded To: Canopy Therapy

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