For the next month I will be calling 20 women who did not answer the pre and post survey at the past events. I will interview each of them then I will input it into the surveys. I will also edit the presentation that is presented at every charla. Once I have completed this I will have another meeting with Geneva in order to help her prepare for the next event which is in the middle of October. This work was all produced from my last meeting with Geneva (my supervisor). During this meeting we discussed how we as a group need to move forward in order to produce an effective project. Two new people are beginning to volunteer for the project so during the meeting we got them up to speed. We also discussed requirements and due dates. Geneva stressed that if we felt we can’t do something in the set amount of time to contact her. this helped relieve stress and create a greater amount of trust within the group. Overall it was a successful meeting that has gotten us on the right path to success. 


Created By: Sibley Zepeda, Costa Rica


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